Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons my Shopper account may become inactive / deactivated? How can I prevent my account from being deactivated?

At Cornershop by Uber, our priority is that you, as a Shopper, can complete orders in a positive, safe, and respectful environment. This also goes hand-in-hand with the service you provide to your customers.

Please read below for a few suggestions to ensure your Shopper account remains in good standing, and your experience as a Shopper is the best it can be:

  • Good disposition and a willingness to learn go a long way. Learning from experience as you complete orders and making small adjustments over time will reflect on your ratings and earnings.

  • Being aware and informed about local rules and regulations can be helpful when completing orders.

  • Maintaining a positive attitude during orders, a willingness to resolve difficult situations through respectful communication, and avoiding aggressive or offensive language are all important traits to keep in mind.

  • Remaining a safe driver and abiding by all safety and local traffic laws should always be top of mind.

  • Being respectful of the boundaries, personal space and private property of your customers in every interaction with them, as well as treating their personal information and data with care should remain a priority.

  • When you connect to shop, focusing your attention on fulfilling the orders you are assigned, without distractions, reflects on your customer’s experience. You can make it count.

  • Remember that your Shopper account is exclusively for your personal use. 

  • Avoid collecting rewards, loyalty points and participating in customer programs at stores while completing orders.

Failure to comply with the above recommendations may result in the deactivation of your Shopper account. If you have questions or concerns about these, or any other action or behavior that may negatively impact your Shopper account status, please reach out to Shopper Support at

Rest assured that each case receives a fair review by the Cornershop by Uber team before a decision is made to deactivate or change the status of a Shopper account. This is a thorough process that is conducted with the utmost seriousness, care and respect.