Frequently Asked Questions

Picking Handoff Pilot at Walmart Toronto Stockyards ­čĄŁ

On Tuesday, February 1st, Cornershop by Uber will be running a picking handoff pilot at Walmart's Toronto Stockyards location from 10 am until 4 pm.

About the project:

We are running a pilot to test the operational feasibility of having dedicated Pickers and Drivers. 

What to expect:

You may be offered some orders that are for delivery only. This means that another Shopper will have already picked the items; and if you accept the order, you would only be responsible for delivering the order to your customer. 

When you receive a delivery-only order, you will be asked to meet the Shopper who completed the in-store picking to retrieve the order and deliver it to your customer. In some cases, you may receive a delivery-only order. In these cases, you will receive the following earning add-ons:

  • extra $5 for each delivery-only order completed

  •  An extra $1.75 for every additional delivery-only order added to your batch.

  • Regular delivery earnings for your earnings plan (this includes km driven to the store for delivery only orders, km driven to your customer, delivery bump for 10kg+ orders, delivery base per batch, delivery base per order)

Here’s what a delivery-only order will look like in the app:

You can call or chat with the Picker once you arrive at the store to coordinate the handoff of the order. 

The app will prompt you to confirm the number of bags that were used on the order. Once you've indicated that you have retrieved the order, you will be able to proceed with the order delivery as usual. 

Important note: 

  1. Any tips on orders that have separate Pickers and Drivers will be split equally between both Shoppers.

  2. Please note that customer rating will affect you both equally.

  3. If you have any questions after you have accepted the order, please contact the SOM, who will be happy to assist you.

  4. If the order has a gift order, the app will ask the Driver to accept both orders separately. Both orders should be accepted in order to proceed with delivery.