Frequently Asked Questions

November 2021 Smart Serve Incentive: Deliver Alcohol Orders in Ontario 🍹

Do you have a Smart Serve Certification? 👀

If you don't have your Smart Serve Certification yet, there's never been a better time to get one!

Why getting your Smart Serve is worth it 

💰 Cornershop will pay you $50 in extra commission when you complete your Smart Serve Certification + 5 orders.

🛒 You'll get access to more orders by being able to accept alcohol orders, which require you to have Smart Serve Certification.

💸  Increase your likelihood of a receiving multiplier by up to 65% with having a Smart Serve!

🛍️  You’ll have opportunities to do even more with your Smart Serve. You may be eligible to include alcohol samples for your customers and hopefully increase your tips!

🚀 Interested? Click here to get started

How to claim your $50 in extra commission 

📧  Contact Shopper Support at with a photo of your Smart Serve card. You will receive instructions on how to upload the card so that you can start receiving alcohol orders.

🏃  After that, complete 5 orders (any orders!) and you will receive your extra commission! 

Extra commission qualification period 

🗓 The extra commission incentive will be valid only if your Smart Serve Certification is issued on/after November 1, 2021. For your certification to qualify: 

Complete your Smart Serve on/after November 1, 2021 and email it to 

Upload it in your shopper center.
Complete 5 orders from the Smart Serve issue date until November 30, 2021

This offer is only valid until November 30, 2021. 

Not sure what Smart Serve is?

💡 Smart Serve is a mandatory certification the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) requires for individuals who sell, serve or deliver liquor in the province of Ontario. It is a 4-hour course designed to ensure alcohol is distributed safely and responsibly.

Already have your Smart Serve?

🎉 Great! You're already one step closer to being eligible for alcohol deliveries. Please upload your certification or card by following these steps:


Account > Go to Shopper Center > Files > My Documents > Edit documents > Upload Documents > Smart Serve Card - Upload!


Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.