Frequently Asked Questions

More about the Consecutive Order Challenge 🎯

We are excited to try a new incentive called the Consecutive Order Challenge! You can boost your earnings by completing multiple orders in a row when we predict higher demand. You will receive an email if you are eligible for this challenge.

πŸ“  How it works:

For example
"Earn $20 if you accept 3 orders in a row between 7AM to 2PM in a single online session1  - Terms apply.or

"Earn $20 if you accept 3 orders in a row between 7AM to 2PM in multiple online sessions2  - Terms apply."

  • Accept your first order πŸ›’
    Accept an order within the designated period to begin a streak of completed orders. (FYI - the time stamp on an order is the time the order is accepted)
  • Complete multiple orders in a row πŸ›
    Deliver the number of orders required to complete the challenge. However, if you cancel, reject, or let an order expire, you will break your streak and have to start over.
  • Single online sessions vs. Multiple online sessions πŸ“±
    In some cases, the challenge requires the orders to be completed in a single online session, meaning if you disconnect from the app, you have to start over. In other cases, the challenge can be achieved in multiple online sessions, allowing you to disconnect then connect back to where you left off, without breaking your streak. This will be specified in the email you'll receive about the challenge.

πŸ’°  Extra earnings details: 

  • Earnings and order requirements may change, so be sure to keep an eye on your emails for the latest offers. 
  • As long as your orders meet all the requirements mentioned in the email, you will receive the extra earnings.
  • The extra earnings will be made in addition to the usual commissions you would make on the orders.

πŸ“£  Incentive details:

  • Both simultaneous/batch orders and single orders are eligible. 
  • If the customer cancels the order, it will not break your streak. 
  • Consecutive orders also count towards any other active incentive or promotion.
  • There is no time limit for completing your streaks. As long as the first order of each streak is accepted during the challenge's time frame, you remain online and meet the challenge's requirements, you'll receive your extra earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions πŸ””πŸ””

  • If I disconnect during an online session but still accept consecutive orders in the challenge's time frame, would the series break?
    Yes, all consecutive orders need to be accepted within a single online session for this challenge.

  • Can I earn the extra earnings more than once in the challenge's time frame?
    Yes, you can complete as many streaks as you wish within the time frame. For example: If you complete the challenge's requirements twice, you earn the extra earnings mentioned in the email twice.

  • What is the difference between doing the challenge in a single or multiple online sessions?
    1 Single online session: orders accepted and completed consecutively without disconnecting from the app in between. Based on the screenshot below, the Shopper completed 3 and 2 consecutive orders in two separate single sessions in a day.

    2 Multiple online sessions: orders accepted and completed consecutively during multiple sessions, with the possibility of disconnecting between orders. Based on the same screenshot, the Shopper then completed a total of 5 consecutive orders in a day.