Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Batch orders

What are Batch orders?

Batch orders are those that are made at the same time, in the same store, for two or more customers.

How is the payment for Batch orders?

Payment is made based on the parameters of your commission plan. The differences with a single order are the following:

  • For Picking, you will have one picking base for the complete batch and an additional amount for each accepted order that this batch contains (if there are 2 simultaneous orders, this amount will be paid 2 times)
  • For Delivery, the GPS will indicate the route to follow and thus the first order will be assigned the distance between the store and the delivery point, while the second order will be assigned the distance between the delivery points of the first and second order. Regarding the commission bases, you will have one for the complete delivery and an additional amount for each accepted order that this delivery contains.
  • Other orders parameters have no modifications.

How and when can I get batch orders?

You must have a commission plan that allows you to place this type of order, to review this you must go to your Shopper Center> Commissions> Commission Plan and check if in its detail you have a line that indicates an amount per accepted order. 

If your plan is not active for batch orders, you can activate it with our Shopper Support team at the mail

If you are just doing your first orders, be patient, these orders are a bit more complex so around your 50th order you will start receiving batch orders.

Sometimes they ask me to bring "gift orders" for the customer, are these part of a simultaneous order? 

No, gift orders are not simultaneous orders and are paid as follows: 

  • One third of your base commission. 
  • One third of the amount per accepted order. 
  • Commission for each product.
  • Commission for extra weight and multipliers if applicable.